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Paperless Solutions

Email Reporting: Receive a daily email of office statistics such as Collections, Production, and New Patients.

Dental Patient Portal: free for all Dentisoft Cloud users. Give your patients a website where they can complete intake forms, confirm appointments, message securely with your office, and even pay their bills. DentistDirectory.com is completely integrated into Dentisoft's scheduler and desktop, so you always have a way to communicate with patients who sign up.

eClaims: Submit claims to insurers electronically right from inside Dentisoft Cloud. View status' in real time, and re-submit electronically. Improve your receipt time, and reduce receivables dramatically. Fully integrated with NEA FastAttach for the east submission of electronic X-rays.

Payment Processing: Process credit cards directly into Dentisoft and from your website. Easily post payments to ledgers.

Signature pads: Capture signature automatically directly into your medical history, payment receipts, and treatment history forms.

Paper Statements Mailed for you: send your patients billing statements for just $0.72 including postage! Everything is integrated with Dentisoft so it takes just a few clicks.


Dental Symphony and Dentisoft have teamed up to provide Dentisoft users an innovative and easy to use periodontal solution: ePerioCare.

ePerioCare's modern features increase your production by making it easier to discern when to use treatment modalities like Emdogain™, soft tissue grafts, bone grafts and implants. ePerioCare improves patient compliance and ensures your practice adheres to the highest standards in managing the periodontal health.

Special Features

  • Charts easily and quickly
  • Mass charting—create a perio chart in seconds (literally!)
  • Input pocket depth, gingival margins in one pass
  • View calculated attachment level changes immediately
  • Graphic display of key parameters tracked over time
  • Track periodontal status from appointment to appointment
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Clinical Tools

ePeriocare: makes periodontal charting faster and provides unprecedented analysis of key parameters from appointment to appointment, year to year. And it's integrated right into Dentisoft! Charting innovations include the ability to input depth and margin in one-pass, and chart an initial visit in seconds (literally!). Get a 45 day free trial account as a Dentisoft customer.

Digital Radiography in the Cloud: store your images online and connect directly to your sensors through Tigerview OnLine. This solution is perfect for multi-office practice groups that need to share images, as well as those dentists that wish to access images from an iPad.

Patient Education Movies: Patients turn to you for expert information. Engaging patient education videos can help, whether it’s in your office or on your website, and they're integrated into Dentisoft Office Cloud. Just $49/mo.

New Features

Useful Tips

How do I age the accounts?

Reports manager > Reports > Billing statements> EOM

Can be run at the end of the month or at the time the billing statements are run and can only be run every 28 days. The EOM will age the accounts and apply finance charges if applicable they are set up in the Office Manager. Finance charges can be applied to over 30, over 60, and/or over 90 days.

How do I create a Treatment Plan?

From the Patient Visit Tab:

Click Create New Visit>Add procedures codes from “Find/Add Procedures”> then select a category or find the code from the upper box, double click on it, then click “Add to Visit” the procedures from the lower box and they will be added to the visit OR from Explosion code drop down field, or by typing the code in the “By ADA Code” box, and pressing the Enter key.

The proposed procedures show as RED on the clinical chart tab.

How to post TX plan procedures from Appointment Add/Edit screen

The creation of a treatment plan gives the patient and the office a snapshot of the insurance percentages and maximums based on the procedures entered into the plan. It allows the office to submit a pre-authorization to the insurance carrier to confirm what the carrier will pay toward the procedures.

Creating a visit using the treatment plan:

  1. When creating an appointment on the appointment scheduler for a patient with a treatment plan, The TXPlan button will be active (blinking red) in the add/edit detail screen. Click on the TXPlan button and the treatment plan will be displayed in a new window with selection boxes next to each procedure. Select the procedure(s) for the visit by checking the box(es) and click SAVE. The selected procedure(s) will be inserted into the appointment.
  2. When the visit has ended, you must post the visit from the add/edit detail screen by clicking the Post button. This will update the patient detail screen with the adjusted insurance percentages and complete the visit. The original treatment plan with remaining procedures will still be available for later use when creating a new appointment.

How do I rebill an insurance claim?

The claim for this visit has been paid, so the claim and the visit become closed...go to visit tab>double click on the top visit date and uncheck "paid by insurance" and save. This will activate the print form button to allow rebelling.

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